Show Me

“Show me how to be a rockstar.”

Former childstar Jace Reilly is haunted by the career he lost when his sitcom was canceled. Typecast as a sweet kid, it’s been years since he landed a role, but a viral petition to have him play the tragic rockstar Mitchell Colby has Jace scrambling to prove he is all grown up.

When up and coming musician Lennox covers the late rock god’s biggest hit, Jace proposes a deal: Lennox teaches him how to be a rockstar, or at least play one in a movie, in exchange for the guitar Mitchell Colby was holding when he died.

But as their lessons heat up, Jace and Lennox learn that rockstars never really die; they live on in their music, the hearts of their fans, and occasionally, in their favorite guitars. If Jace doesn’t do the late legend justice, it will be more than regrets that haunt him forever.

M/M Paranormal Romance

content warnings: drug use, language, sex, drinking